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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Suite Partners partner?
When you purchase one of our "Premium Game Ticket Packages" you become a Suite Partners Partner. You are then entitled to all the privileges and luxuries that our suites have to offer for your designated games. Our partners enjoy all the benefits of premier seating, parking passes, private club access, and first-class catering. When you become a Suite Partners Partner you join an exclusive list of serious sports fans who demand the very best seating choices available.

What is included in the "Premium Game Ticket Packages?"
Typically, your "Premium Game Ticket Package" will include a list of suite rules, your tickets, parking passes (if included), private club access information, catering and extra ticket ordering forms (if required). Everything you need to enjoy the privilege and luxury of your premium seats will be included in your package.

When I purchase a "Premium Game Ticket Package" can I choose the individual games I am interested in?
At Suite Partners, we do our very best to accomodate specific game preferences. Although it is not always possible to honor every request, our partners find that the majority of time their specific game requests are met. Long-term partners find that by their second year of partnership preferences are typically honored.

Does Suite Partners sell tickets to individual games and events or only packages of games?
Suite Partners is primarily interested in partners buying 6 to 20 game packages. However, when single games become available we will update those on our mailing list. Due to the high demand for premier seating at these sporting events, the season is typically sold out well in advance.

Does Suite Partners buy tickets?
No. However, If you are a premium suite owner or season ticket holder, and are in need of assistance in distributing your unused games, Suite Partners can help. We are a full-service suite management firm that can help your company locate partners, distribute tickets, and handle your catering, phone, and extra ticket ordering issues. We will provide your suite partners with everything they need to enjoy all the benefits and luxuries of suite ownership, while protecting and managing your valuable investment.

How does Suite Partners handle payments and ticket distribution?
Suite Partners will make every effort to hand deliver all "Premium Game Ticket Packages" to each buyer. Please contact us about payment options.

Does Suite Partners provide regular updates on tickets that are available?
Yes. Please add your email address to our Suite Partners Ticket Update and we will keep you apprised of all Suite Partners partnership opportunities.


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